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Home TOOC Organic Butchery (Pre-Order Only)
Home TOOC Organic Butchery (Pre-Order Only)

Mission Statement:

To bring you high-quality, nutrient-dense animal foods at an affordable price. Our Beef & Lamb is 100% Certified Demeter Bio-Dynamic meat.

Here at the TOOC butchery, we adopt the Nose to Tail eating philosophy which means we use every part of the animal in food preparation, letting nothing go to waste.

This is the most economical and sustainable way to approach working with meat.

Antibiotic, Chemical, and Hormone-free, the way it should be!

Our meat is grass-fed and finished on chemical-free pasture.Β 

100% Halal.

Sourced from farms in NSW.Β 

All our Beef & Lamb is sourced from 100% Certified Demeter Bio-Dynamic, Grass-Fed & Finished farms right here in NSW.

TOOC Organic Butchery is strictly pre-order only.

Place your order by 6pm Fridays for delivery the following Wednesday. You can pre-order here.Β 

Certified demeter biodynamic is MORE THAN organic.Β 

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