Canadian Way Wild Keta Salmon Caviar (Roe) - 100g


Canadian Way

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So Pure and Rich in nutrients - This Wild Roe is a favourite all over the world. With none of the harsh chemicals and less than acceptable diet, these roe are left alone for Mother Nature to produce as it was intended. Also publicly promoted by the Weston A. Price Foundation, Wild Salmon roe is considered one of the top nutrients used in many Indigenous tribes to help protect the children from disease and malnutrition.

Enjoy the clean healthy taste with any food or just simply spoon it out of the jar and indulge on your own.

Our Canadian Wild Roe is from the CHUM (Keta) salmon locally caught in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean along British Columbia's southern coast and is also both Kosher and Oceanwise Certified.

The Quality, taste and nutritional value of our Wild Keta Caviar far exceeds any Farmed (Atlantic) Salmon, Ocean Caught (another word for Farmed) or even Wild Caught (Hatchery).

Warning - Don't Be Fooled by the marketing spin the Aquaculture Farms are claiming.  'Milking' the salmon roe out of the salmon when it is alive is not a healthy process for the salmon. Also the term "Naturally Farmed" (as seen on some jars) is not Natural in any way. They are still all Farmed fish.