Canadian Way Wild Salmon -Individual Portions 150g Each (Sold Frozen)


Canadian Way


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  • This is Sashimi grade Pacific Sockeye Salmon
  • A succulent red fish with skin on and bones removed
  • Can be eaten raw, pan fried, baked or BBQ
  • Ocean Wise, sustainably caught wild seafood
  • Very high Omega 3
  • Very low Omega 6
  • Very low Mercury level
  • Histamine free
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial anything

For verification of all nutrient levels and element results conducted yearly by an independent lab - visit SEAFOOD FACTS


  1. Thaw Salmon fillet in fridge overnight or in cold water 40 minutes prior to preparing
  2. Season with salt and your choice of pepper, basil, chilli flakes, etc.
  3. PAN FRY - Heat frying pan to med/low and baste fillet with olive oil or butter to make sure it doesn't stick to pan during cooking.
  4. Place fillet skin down and use tongs to move it around the pan for 10-15 seconds to allow skin to toughen up so it won't stick.
  5. Leave fillet skin down for 2.5 minutes then turn and move around for 20 seconds then remove from heat and serve skin up.
  6. The result should be a 50% raw middle with cooked outer sides.
  7. Add Lemon/Lime wedge to side of dish


100% wild raw Sockeye Salmon