Grass-Fed Dry Aged Rump Steak - Approx 250g-350g **PRE-ORDER**


TOOC Organic Butcher


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Our Grass Fed Dry Aged Rump Steak has been dry aged for about 2-3 weeks. Rump Steak is a great all-rounder steak, rump is a little firmer in texture and is perfect for roasting or cooked on the BBQ. Best cooked rare to medium rare and left to rest for at least 10 minutes after cooking.

Sold per 300g-350g. This is product is delivered fresh, not frozen.

Our Beef is grass-fed and finished on chemical-free pasture.
100% Halal
Our Beef is sourced from 100% Certified Demeter Bio-Dynamic, Grass-Fed & Finished Farms in NSW.
Antibiotic, Chemical, and Hormone-free, the way it should be.

May vary by 50g-100g

Delivered fresh. Best consumed within 48 hours. Freeze if not going to use in this timeframe.