Jakeman's 100% Pure Maple Syrup - Organic in Kent Glass - 500g


The Original Organic Company

Looking to add a touch of natural sweetness? Organic/BIO certified and simply delicious, Jakeman's organic, Grade A maple syrup is a perfect choice.  

The Jakeman family has been supporting communities and producing their award-winning blend of 100% pure maple syrup since 1876. We hope you enjoy it as much as us!

Ingredients: 100% pure maple syrup


100% Pure Maple Syrup. Jakeman's Maple Syrup is truly the best of the bunch. We only sell Canadian Grade A 'Amber - Rich Taste'. The taste and quality is assured at the top level every batch year after year. That is why we sell this brand as it is in keeping with our reputation for quality at the top of the table. 

The OC maple syrup was bought from a Certified maple forest which has trees over 100 years old that have now been Certified Organic due to the 3 year paper work reporting on the daily activities of the trees.  

The big difference between Jakeman's and the OC requirements is that OC companies are now allowing a small amount of Chlorine bleach to be used in cleaning.

Jakemans has never and will never use Chlorine bleach or any other chemical matter to clean their facilities. Hot water pressure washed onto the walls and floors along with a natural cleaning agent for some spots is all that is ever needed as maple syrup will dilute with the washing and naturally drain away.

So now it is up to you.