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Kiwifruit - Per Kg
Ramon Simpson
Good quality

What I like about ordering with The Original Organic us that the produce is of such good quality and the kiwis where no exception. Good taste, ready to eat,.fresh. Will order again!

Bananas Cavendish Certified Organic (BULK)
Laila Gafori

Loved the bananas. The more they ripened the sweeter they became. I bought it in bulk and that meant exciting breakfast everyday, e.g. cereal, waffles, protein shakes, pancakes, banana nut bread and muffins.

Kiwifruit **1KG SPECIAL**

Juicy and delicious

Organic garden peas

Amazing product

Great products

Amazing product

Gone in 2 seconds

Opened the punnet to give my son a couple. He insisted he was given all of them. So fresh and tasty! I had to steal one before he ate them all!

Celery (BULK)
Letitia PonraJ
very satisfied

i am really happy with the products and the service provided

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Hands down the nicest grapefruit I’ve had in a VERY long time. Thanks guys x

Celtic sea salt

I love using natural ingredients in my kitchen and Celtic sea salt has been a staple I love how it’s not too salty and you can tell how pure it is!

An acquired taste

My youngest loves this product. I enjoy but only in small quantities. Turmeric flavour is strong. Great vegan product. Will buy again.

GF Oats - Certified Organic Steamed Rolled Oats
Stav P
Taste good

Bought for daughter who is on low histamine diet for medical reasons. She’s happy.

Beautiful fresh produce …. Keep up good work guys

Grass-Fed Diced Beef - Approx 950g-1kg **PRE-ORDER**
Sarah R
Quality, tender beef

We had some of our meat then froze the rest. The meat very fresh, high quality and tender- no tough or chewy bits. So great to have this option and halal too!

Grass-Fed Beef Ribs - Approx 950g-1kg **PRE-ORDER**
marcus thomas
Best ribs I’ve ever made

Great quality - delicious and tender

Ginger - Per Kg
Evie Mckinnon

I was impressed with the quality of the ginger, it arrived fresh like it just got picked from the garden.
I've ordered ginger from another company and they arrived wrinkled with blue grey tinge - I had to throw most of it out.
So yes, I was very happy with the quality from The Original Organic Co.

Capsicum Red - Per Kg
Aviva Shellim

Very crisp and fresh

Love these to have as a meal or snack. So great to have such good quality food ready to go in the freezer!

Grass-Fed Beef Sausages Gluten Free - Approx 950g-1kg **PRE-ORDER**
Best sausages ever

These are absolutely the very best sausages we have ever eaten.

Excellent online store

Delivery was fairly punctual with friendly staff! The fruits are pretty fresh!

Broccoli **1KG SPECIAL**
Esther Roach
The freshest fruit and vege delivery service

I have tried many fruit and vege delivery services and have always been disappointed. Organic original Co goods are so fresh and they also do next day delivery. Convenient fresh and so accessible to stay healthy. You now have a loyal fan!

Brilliantly Fresh Food

We tried The Original Organic Company for the first time and are impressed with their service and the food was really fresh!